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Best Dream Home real estate services company is one of the leading and innovative companies in Europe. The market leader in luxury residential real estate sales, rentals, property management, commercial property services, appraisals, consulting, and insurance.  The premier manager of luxury cooperative and condominium buildings,  residential management companies serve a portfolio of more than 400 properties

Best Dream Home Company, founded in 2009, one of the most innovative luxury real estate service providers, with offices throughout the Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Slovenia, Latvia and Middle East in Turkey, Dubai, and Iraq



The mission of Best Dream Home Real Estate Company is to provide an outstanding level of service and expertise in the real estate market that is innovative and ambitious. The Best Dream Home Real Estate Company is dedicated to the highest standards, systems and performance necessary to fulfill all of your real estate dreams.


The vision of Best Dream Home Real Estate Company is to achieve the highest possible standards of the real estate market while establishing our agencies as the premier and preferred real estate company all around the world.


             Our Team


                   Kevin Kovesci



                     Judy Caplan




              Alberto Pesqueira

              Managing Director


                   Carolan Amend

          Corporate Administration


                     Caroline Guthrie

      Director of Information Services


                   Robert Marane

   Director of Partnering Worldwide


              Vincent D’Agostino



                Mina Matin

        Turkey Director of Sales


                    Dana Ibrahim

        Middle East Director of Sales


            Gerald M. Makowski



          Marco Bersani

        (Lawyer (Partner

        Carlo Umberto Rossi

           (Lawyer (Partner

                Giorgio Guarneri

         Lawyer of The Company

                     Silvana Malpelli

            Lawyer of the company


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